Project Selection for QEDDI

QEDDI is agnostic to disease area.  We can consider projects from researchers that match the breadth of UQ’s research excellence.  We will however focus on targets in disease areas of commercial opportunity, which have a clear point of differentiation from anything similar in development or on the market.

We are most interested in novel approaches which have clear advantages over current strategies to tackle known therapeutic targets or pathways. 

Project Selection

During project selection, we consider the commercial and operational viability of the project.  Some of the points we consider include:

  • What is the clinical need in the target indication?
  • Is there a meaningful differentiation from therapies on market and in the clinic?
  • How feasible is the path to clinical proof of concept?
  • How strong is the target validation and can we build the therapeutic concept?
  • Are there or could we develop preclinical models and biomarkers that predict for efficacy in human?
  • Can we establish an assay cascade that supports mode of action?
  • Is there a viable hit identification strategy for this target?
  • Do we have access to key opinion leaders and clinicians within our network?