Expressions of Interest

The Queensland Emory Drug Discovery Initiative (QEDDI) provides researchers, who have a biological target or therapeutic strategy with or without modulators, an opportunity to access specialised medicinal chemistry and drug discovery support to identify small molecule pre-clinical candidates. Drug discovery projects will be managed by QEDDI in close collaboration with the researchers. The aim is that QEDDI’s support will accelerate early stage biomedical research in areas of unmet medical need to a point that attracts a commercial partner or investment assuming that the project progresses successfully.

QEDDI Application Process - Key Points

  • Researchers wishing to apply for access to QEDDI are invited to contact us at to request an Expression of Interest form.
  • EOIs can be completed and returned at any time to QEDDI will provide feedback on the timeline for project selection upon receipt of the EOI.
  • The EOIs will be prioritised based on commercial and scientific selection criteria. UniQuest will conduct preliminary commercial due diligence on the proposal to address the commercial selection criteria
  • QEDDI projects will involve biological targets in disease areas of commercial opportunity. i.e. there needs to be a clearly articulated clinical benefit to patients and an advantageous point of differentiation from anything similar on the market or in development.
  • Successful EOIs will progress to a full proposal, which will be collaboratively prepared by QEDDI and the researchers. The proposals will be reviewed by the independent QEDDI target advisory committee, which will make recommendations for prioritisation. Projects will then be selected to enter the QEDDI pipeline.
  • If you have any questions on completing this form, please contact QEDDI at